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About us

SIPEX Company, founded in 1997, has recorded a positive dynamic of activity in all its 26 years of uninterrupted activity, thus consolidating its notoriety and positioning among the top companies in the sector, occupying the second place in the distribution market of building materials and finishes (excluding DIY networks).

Compania are ca obiect de activitate distribuția de materiale și finisaje pentru construcții, oferind o gamă largă de astfel de produse, dar și servicii de consultanță tehnică și conexe, atât pentru piața de corporate, cât și pentru piața de retail, totodată construind și o strategie de adresare dedicată segmentului de piață DIY.

It started as a local business that has developed naturally, currently operating in 12 locations in Bucharest, Pantelimon (Ilfov), Prahova (Ariceștii Rahtivani), Brașov, Focșani, Iași, Craiova, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Piatra Neamț, Suceava, Cluj, and Timișoara.

From the very beginning, SIPEX Company has focused a lot on creating a bridge between the local manufacturers of building materials and its customers, on the solutions offered at all times. All the expertise, experience, and development of customer relationships have flowed naturally with the development of the company, each component involving the other. -

In the early stages, SIPEX focused its attention on building partnerships and attracting traditional retail customers, but as we grew, the approach became more complex, and we let experiences turn into opportunities to achieve our goals. The way SIPEX has always adapted to the economic and social environment has to do with flexibility and the ability to react differently and quickly to customer requirements.

Among the brands distributed by SIPEX, we mention: Ceresit, Rigips, Isover, Weber, Cesarom, Swisspor, Austrotherm, Baumit, Porotherm, Tondach, Brikston, Ytong, Leier, Structo, Tenco, Sapabet, Aco, Holver, Kronospan, Romstal, Policolor.

The company's target market consists of:

  1. Traditional retailconsisting of shops of various sizes other than DIY (Do It Yourself). Sales to these stores are made through dedicated agents, coordinated by area managers and the national sales manager. They are provided with an SFA system (tablets connected to the ERP system with real-time access to stock) so that orders taken are quickly entered into the ERP system.
  2. B2B – this market segment consists of the following partners:
  • construction companies (building for various investors or developing their projects, residential or industrial). These partners are assigned to a team dedicated to this market segment and at the same time have at their disposal the "" ordering platform, created especially for them. The same platform provides them with information on stocks, balances, the status of orders placed, prices set for various projects, etc
  • developers (investors who choose to negotiate prices of building materials and systems directly with a distributor). They are assigned to a dedicated team, which together with the suppliers' representative offers them the best technical and commercial solutions.
  • Teams of tradesmen (the same SIPEX sales representatives try to offer them the best solutions and services (transport, coloring, technical solutions) so that they become the vectors for promoting the product packages that SIPEX markets.
  • individuals (who build their buildings and fit out their properties). To them, the dedicated sales teams propose the purchase of the various products in the SIPEX package 
  1. On-line SIPEX has its online shop, which will soon be upgraded to a more modern version that can be accessed from various terminals (laptop, phone, tablet). The app will allocate orders to the nearest points of work so that delivery is made in the shortest possible time. The shop offers access to the various campaigns that SIPEX runs.

The 12 SIPEX logistics centers are equipped to ensure fast deliveries to each location from which orders are received.

In the future, SIPEX aims to enter the market system formed by the DIY chain stores with the product package of its own brands (Meșterică, Profit, Dufa and Profitec), as there is a very good growth potential in this segment.

Development of logistics centers 

The decision to open them was supported by the objective of a regional and national representation, to make possible the rapid delivery of SIPEX products and services throughout Romania. 

1997 SIPEX Company starts its activity with the first warehouse and office space in Ploiesti at 138 Gh. Doja Street (operating until 2007).

2000 The company opens its office in Bucharest at 100 Timișoara Boulevard, Sector 6

2002 The first warehouse is opened at 27 Vestului Road, Ploiești, Prahova County

2005 Focșani working point opens on Calea Munteniei, T83P435, Focșani, Vrancea County

2007 The new central headquarters with the "Ceresit" showroom is inaugurated in Ariceștii Rahtivani, DN 72, km 8, Prahova County

2011 The Cluj office opens at 206 Traian Vuia Boulevard, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

2012 Craiova working point opens at 2 Crângului Street, Cârcea Village, Dolj County, and a branch in Piatra Neamț is opened at 7 Serei Street, Izvoare Village, Dumbrava Roșie Commune, Neamț County

2015 Opening of the Iași work point at 12 Chimiei Boulevard, Iași, Iași County, and the one in Suceava is located in Bosanci Village, Sucevei Street, No. 81, Suceava County

2017 The Timișoara work point opens at 162 Buziașului Avenue, Timișoara, Timiș County, and the one in Râmnicu Vâlcea is located at 284 Racovița Village, Budești Commune, Vâlcea County

2018 The Pantelimon branch is opened at 189 Biruinței Boulevard, Pantelimon, Ilfov, featuring 5000 sqm of storage and office space. The company also opens branches in Brasov, at Prejmer Village, Brasovului Street, No. 162, Brașov County, and in Ploiești, at 10 Laboratorului Street, Prahova County

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Main activities

Commercial activity

It consists of maintaining and developing business relationships, collecting debts, providing after-sales services, negotiating offers and amending contracts, as well as coordinating promotion and marketing activities, including merchandising, through 3 sales channels, with 76 employees specialised in commercial, sales and support activities.

Operational and logistic activity

It is mainly responsible for coordinating and carrying out the process of supplying, unloading, storing, distributing, transporting, handling and delivering goods, as well as monitoring and optimizing the structure and value of stocks, inventorying them and maintaining the base of machinery, equipment and vehicles and is carried out by the 190 employees specialized in operations and technical activities working in the 12 SIPEX logistics centers. In addition to the activities listed, SIPEX also provides logistics support to its customers in the B2B channel.

Technical activity

It is carried out by 13 specialists and consists of operating the coloring machines and providing technical advice when customers choose the materials required for the work, both in terms of quality and quantity, contacting and maintaining collaborative relationships with customers in the work area, monitoring all technical aspects of the projects in progress, promoting the products and integrated solutions offered by the company, as well as drawing up technical and commercial offers, identifying and offering the best solutions from a technical point of view for each project, through customized offers.

The activity of purchasing products

This involves identifying the optimal conditions for supplying stocks with the products that provide the best and most sought-after solutions at the best prices and involves maintaining long-term relationships with partner manufacturers so that the company can keep abreast of the latest developments in the field in terms of specific products and technologies and bring them to market at the right time. Thanks to SIPEX's investment in IT technology and process automation, the entire purchasing activity is carried out and controlled efficiently with a team of only 3 purchasing specialists.

Company history

Distribution of famous brands and products
The diversified range of materials for construction finishes and interior design solutions, necessary to complete a construction: from usual products to special or professional products
The wide range of products, for complete systems
Sipex Company offers a varied range of construction materials. Together with the best suppliers, we try to cover all the range of materials with quality products and we try to meet all the requirements whether they come from professionals or small tradesmen or end customers. We are always looking for new products and modern technologies
Technical support throughout the duration of the construction
We come to your aid with our specialists, who have a wealth of experience in the field of construction materials, during the execution of the works. We want to offer you optimal solutions for any problem encountered during construction, but also afterwards. We communicate with experts in the field: architects, engineers, suppliers and manufacturers, we inform ourselves and document permanently, to help you solve the problems encountered and we offer the presence of our technical support on site, to help you complete your works.
Established in 1997
Founded in 1997, Sipex Company focuses from the beginning on the distribution market of products for interior design and construction finishes, having a large market coverage and distribution capacity – supported by logistics centers, own car park, coloring laboratories, specialist consultancy ) We create a bridge between the manufacturers of construction materials and the companies that implement the products and complete solutions offered by them. In addition to the distribution activity, we offer professional information and technical consultancy addressed to both specialists and customers We have the ability to represent and promote the products of a new supplier on the Romanian market, both on the commercial and technical side, as well as in terms of logistics and distribution.