Who are we?

The SIPEX story begins in 1997… since then, the history of events continues and describes, 26 years of activityin the same field of construction materials and finishes, years in which we became better and better!

The current form of the SIPEX company pursued a favorable geographical positioning, where the existing transport infrastructure and its own fleet make it possible to deliver under optimal conditions, throughout the country:

  • 12 logistics centers 12 logistics centers (warehouses + offices): Ploiesti, Bucharest, Pantelimon, Focșani, Suceava, Craiova, Cluj, Piatra Neamț, Iași, Timișoara, Vâlcea, Brașov, car park - over 191 vehicles 
  • car park -over 191 vehicles 

The sales "force" of the company, consisting of: the traditional retail team , the "business to business" team (end customers, construction companies), the APR team , technical consultants. traditional retail,team „business to business” (end customers, construction companies), APR, technical consultants.

SIPEX Activity


The company benefits from nationwide representation and distribution. In order to deliver the products quickly throughout the entire territory of Romania, the strategic geographical positioning of the logistic centers is complemented by a transport infrastructure and its own fleet, in which the cargo vans (3.5 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, 22 tons), ensures the transport and delivery of products on time for the company's customers, constantly, throughout Romania. The activity of the sales department has as its main objective the development of business relations and the consolidation of SIPEX's position, as a national leader, on the Romanian construction materials market. The SIPEX Sales Department, made up of 80 colleagues, carries out its activity on 3 channels: traditional retail composed of stores of different sizes, other than DIY (Do It Yourself); business to business (end customers, construction companies) and On-line.


SIPEX offers customizable solutions that meet the needs of its clients by treating each project as unique. If you are undecided about choosing a product or don't know what exactly you need, our staff offers free consultation for the projects you have in progress, in calculating the required materials, specific consumptions, in choosing the right materials for you as well as regarding the method of use and implementation of the materials used.


The biggest advantage of professional coloring (with the help of the coloring machine) is that the number of colors and color tones obtained is unlimited depending on the experience and imagination of our coloring specialists. In the computerized coloring laboratories in each logistic center where coloring machines operate, professional coloring is carried out on three types of coloring equipment provided by two important partners, namely Henkel and Dufa, the third working for coloring own products under the Mesterica brand. All these represent three different systems containing dispersions, decorative plasters and professional coloring pastes related to each equipment.

The main advantage of coloring on the coloring machine is that the same color can be made for any type and quantity of washable paint or decorative plaster. Each color tone has a unique recipe on a certain type of material and can be memorized by the coloring program, so it can be used at any time for the same customer or for any other who wants that color.


Distribution of famous brands and products
The diversified range of materials for construction finishes and interior design solutions, necessary to complete a construction: from usual products to special or professional products
The wide range of products, for complete systems
Sipex Company offers a varied range of construction materials. Together with the best suppliers, we try to cover all the range of materials with quality products and we try to meet all the requirements whether they come from professionals or small tradesmen or end customers. We are always looking for new products and modern technologies
Technical support throughout the duration of the construction
We come to your aid with our specialists, who have a wealth of experience in the field of construction materials, during the execution of the works. We want to offer you optimal solutions for any problem encountered during construction, but also afterwards. We communicate with experts in the field: architects, engineers, suppliers and manufacturers, we inform ourselves and document permanently, to help you solve the problems encountered and we offer the presence of our technical support on site, to help you complete your works.
Established in 1997
Founded in 1997, Sipex Company focuses from the beginning on the distribution market of products for interior design and construction finishes, having a large market coverage and distribution capacity – supported by logistics centers, own car park, coloring laboratories, specialist consultancy ) We create a bridge between the manufacturers of construction materials and the companies that implement the products and complete solutions offered by them. In addition to the distribution activity, we offer professional information and technical consultancy addressed to both specialists and customers We have the ability to represent and promote the products of a new supplier on the Romanian market, both on the commercial and technical side, as well as in terms of logistics and distribution.